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As experts in civil construction, Kings Builders Limited specializes in infrastructure development projects aimed at enriching communities and enhancing the built environment. With our vast experience, technical prowess, and strategic partnerships, we tackle projects of all sizes with precision and innovation. From road works to water distribution systems, mini dams to bridges, we deliver excellence, meeting stringent standards and deadlines. Kings Builders is equipped with the expertise, resources, and access to financiers necessary to ensure the success of every project. Explore our diverse range of civil work activities and experience the difference with Kings Builders. 

  • Road Construction: Designing and building highways, streets, and thoroughfares to facilitate safe and efficient transportation. 
  • Water Infrastructure: Developing water distribution systems, pipelines, and reservoirs to ensure reliable access to clean water. 
  • Structural Engineering: Designing and constructing robust structures, including bridges, dams, and retaining walls, to withstand environmental challenges. 
  • Earthworks and Grading: Shaping and preparing sites for construction, optimizing land use and ensuring stability. 
  • Utility Installation: Installing essential utilities such as sewage, drainage, and electrical systems to support infrastructure development. 
  • Site Development: Preparing sites for construction by clearing, grading, and compacting, laying the foundation for future development. 
  • Bituminous Works: Performing asphalt and bitumen-related construction, including surfacing, sealing, and repair works. 

The contractor uses the most modern construction technology in the world

Madale - Midizini
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